There are different types of wood used to make Wood shakes and wood shingles. Wood shakes are manufactured from pine, redwood trees, western red cedar and cypress. Wood shakes are made from logs being reshaped and split by manufacturers. Wood Shakes are thicker at one end of the shingle, this is called the butt end. To add texture to the shake shingles both sides of the surface are split to obtain the desired look. Shakes have different textures and finishes split, re-sawn, and sawn back. To make a wood shingle, the wood is sawn on both sides, this allows the wood shake to have an even taper and uniform thickness. Wood shingles and shakes are defined by there size “Perfection” 18” inch length and “Royal” 24 inch.

Fire Retardant and chemical preservatives are applied to Cedar shakes and cedar shingles. The chemicals are added to the shakes to add fire resistance properties and to help prevent premature rotting and decay.