When it comes to storm damage repair, we do it fast and we do it right the first time. We know homeowners can’t afford to wait as water pours into your home, so we get to you quickly and perform temporary roof leak repair to stop a leak while we complete a more thorough inspection. Our work will ensure that your residential roofing functions well for a long time and is fixed at an affordable price.

To ensure there is no underlying damage, a trusted contractor should inspect your roof after a severe storm for the following:

  • Heavy winds can rip shingles and tear them off the roof, leaving the underlayment, deck, or older shingles from a previous repair exposed to more damage.
  • Wind can further dislodge shingles by cracking the seal that bonds them together, creating vulnerability to wind-driven rain.
  • Hail can produce pockmarks and dents in shingles, removing the protective granules that guard against sun and rain damage.

When you need a helping hand after storm damage, trust the team of specialists at Cover Pro Roofing.  Give us a call to schedule a free estimate.

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