Roof coating systems are a proven solution for renewing and restoring a weathered roof. They can be applied to virtually any existing roofing surface—including TPO, PVC, EPDM, metal, BUR, SBS, APP, polyurethane foam and concrete—resulting in a seamless membrane that yields strong protection from severe elements, ponding water and ultraviolet light.  A coating restoration can save 25 to 40 percent compared to the cost of a complete roof replacement. By eliminating the expense and environmental impact of disposing large amounts of old roofing materials, coating are also an environmentally friendly option. Properly installed systems can carry up to a 50-year limited material warranty.


Silicone coatings are a popular alternative to replacing existing roof systems in today’s market. They are flexible and create a vapor-permeable membrane with excellent ponding water performance. They can be applied directly over a variety of existing substrates and roof systems.


  • Permanent
  • Will not degrade, chalk or crack under harsh UV rays
  • Seamless weather-proof membrane
  • Withstands ponding water without softening
  • Smooth surface with excellent resistance to mold, mildew and staining
  • NSF rated—designed for potable rainwater catchment systems
  • Available in a variety of colors

Liquid Rubber

Liquid rubber membranes are a premium coating—instant setting, water based, and nontoxic, creating a membrane that is both strong and extremely flexible. Liquid rubber can be applied to any thickness in a single pass, resulting in a seamless rubber membrane with little to no waste. Because it’s impermeable it withstands ponding water and is easily repaired and indefinitely renewed.


  • 1200 percent elongation for exceptional flexibility
  • 600 psi tensile strength
  • Withstands ponding water indefinitely
  • Class A fire rating
  • Instantly rain resistant
  • Resistant to severe hail
  • Zero VOCs
  • Seamless


Acrylic coatings should not be used as an independent roofing system, they are a protective coating similar to how sunscreen protects your skin. These coatings are applied to the surface of new or existing roof systems, effectively slowing down the degradation of roofing components by creating a protective barrier from the elements and the sun’s UV rays. They are not effective against ponding water, but are an economical choice that can substantially prolong the lifespan of a roof and help reduce energy consumption costs.


  • Can be applied to new or existing roof systems
  • High reflectivity
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Able to withstand wide temperature variations, expanding and contracting without cracking