Whatever the age of your roof, one of the best ways to add to its value is regular inspection and maintenance. A well-maintained roof can last years, or even decades, beyond its projected lifespan. Keeping your roof in good repair also protects your investment in the equipment, technology and people inside the building.


Ideally, your roof should be inspected twice a year—usually in the spring and fall—and after bouts of severe weather or extreme temperatures. If the roof is still under warranty, there are likely specific requirements for inspection and routine maintenance.

The best way to make sure inspections and maintenance happen on schedule is by enrolling in CPR’s roof maintenance program. We’ll contact you to schedule inspections and make minor repairs on the spot at no additional charge. You’ll never have to worry about scheduling or budgeting for a roof inspection. The cost may be tax-deductible, and some warranty programs offer a discount for enrollment in a maintenance program.

Whether you enroll in the program or schedule an individual visit, we provide thorough roof inspections and routine maintenance, designed to meet any warranty specifications that may be in effect.

Inspection reports include a complete evaluation, recommendations for repairs and any concerns we encounter. We’ll also advise you about best practices in the day-to-day care of your roof and check the integration of special systems such as a rooftop grease trap.

Contact CPR today to discuss the best plan for keeping your roofing system in good health.


Every roof requires occasional repairs. Age, storm damage, or other acts such as vandalism can all damage roofing systems. The key is to repair the damage before it leads to serious property loss. Even a small leak can cause major problems, interrupting work and damaging equipment—and even the structural integrity of the building.

When you call CPR to address your roof damage, we begin with a free inspection and report on our findings and recommendations for repair or replacement. We’ll also advise you about emergency repairs if needed and give you an estimate of the cost for both emergency and permanent repairs